Blood Oil

from by The Sonder Complex

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This track demonstrates a view of the government over war and our fight on oil in other countries world wide. For the theme, we have a song on war wiping out the human race. This war is fought over greed and power for control of major resources. As the people, we don't know what we fight for, but we do what we are believed to think about our civil duty as part of the country.


Arrogance, it spreads like a plague.
Your moment of hungry brings home the power.
Lusting for more, you send us to war.
Walking a thin line, what do we fight for?

Bring on the war.
Fire from the skies.
Bodies fill the streets.
Sentenced all to death.

We plunge the world into smoke and embers.
We never weighed the options.
We never gave it time.
Gave it time.

I hear the cries of the fallen men.
They beg and plead to end the suffering.
To ash and dust, we watch the cities fall.
And everything we've come to love is gone.

Our world suffers.
Endless peace.
Our race faces.
Endless sleep.

The ongoing global warfare crisis continues. The globe has been engulfed in turmoil following the all out warfare, and has stricken many countries deeper into poverty and chaos. Many are starting to believe that the wars will never end, with people waking to the sound of air raid sirens each day and falling asleep to the sound of explosions each night. All local leaders and government officials have fled in attempts to escape the violence. The population has decreased at an alarming rate as a result of civilian and solider casualties. Nuclear warfare has plagued our water supplies and soil. We are losing hope. The end of the world is near.

We plunge the world into smoke and embers.
We never weighed the options.
We never gave it time.
We watched our world burn in all our selfishness.
A war waged on greed.
A war waged for pride.

All these wars have torn humanity apart.


from Annihilation, released September 5, 2016
Produced by Keith Teeples at Keith Teeples Productions
Vocals/Lyrics by Eli McQuillan
Guitars by Logan Featherstone
Bass by Paker Green
Drums by Loren Larsen
Keys/Synth/Choir/ by Keith Teeples



all rights reserved


The Sonder Complex Salt Lake City, Utah

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