Extermination ft. Jake Vancil

from by The Sonder Complex

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This song is an alien song based on a personal theory of life and extraterrestrial influence of life. Here, the depiction of aliens coming from the sky to bring humans here to strive with tools and instructions provided, we wait in anticipation to meet the master's call. When the call has been reached, the aliens return with more things for human development. Now, we are stuck in a period of no growth and disappoint to our fathers of the sky. They come to end this era.


Who are we to think that they aren't watching from the sky.
Judging every step, every moment of growth.
Waiting for our lives to unfold.

The true path is calling.
The one of our fathers of centuries before and centuries to come.

Annihilation of our foolish population.
An unseen genocide of the human race.
Our lack of reason shows we were the only ones to never grow.
The skies shatter like glass as they come for their unworthy pets.

These demons of the sky.
They foretold the end of all the lights.

I can't believe my eyes.
They've been watching all this time.
Waiting for our lives to exceed all that they hoped for.

The malicious intent of our creators was clear.
For the only reason that they left us here
Was to scavenge and learn.
Now we're here, here only to burn.

The warning signs were pretty clear.
On our path to failure.
We burned ourselves.
The help we needed was right before our eyes.

Everything around shall burn before the masters call.
The ones that made our existence true.
Coming for our head we cower at the sigh of their excellence.
This, our eviction.

And here we are.
Cowering in fear.
Waiting for the masters call.
The call to rest.
The fathers before us.
They made this call.
And now we stand here waiting to fall.

Cower in fear.
The master calls.
Failed the fathers.
To rest we fall.
Failing breed.
It all burns.
The end is near.

I can't believe my eyes.
They've been watching all this time.
Waiting on our lives to exceed all that they hoped for.
We are failing chapter.
A disgrace, a filthy creature.
Blind to the world.
In a revolving motion.

(Eli and Jake)
Like a parasite we suck our sources dry.
This evil race shall perish.
Beyond this earth they come to end this ear.


from Annihilation, released September 5, 2016
Produced by Keith Teeples at Keith Teeples Productions
Vocals/Lyrics by Eli McQuillan
Guitars by Logan Featherstone
Bass by Paker Green
Drums by Loren Larsen
Keys/Synth/Choir/ by Keith Teeples
Guest vocals by Jake Vancil of Dethrone The Sovereign



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The Sonder Complex Salt Lake City, Utah

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